Card Skimming

Chances are you, or somebody you know, has had their ATM & credit cards skimmed. The whole thing has gotten out of control, and you need to be vigilant even when visiting reputable merchants.

Skimmers have gotten so small and so good, they can fit inside card slots, snap right over a gas station pump, and often include a pinhole camera for capturing pin numbers.

Here’s how you can protect yourself:

  1. Only use indoor / bank ATMs
  2. Jiggle all card slots and swipe terminals. If it rattles or comes loose, it’s probably skimmed.
  3. Look for extra boxes, cords, and dongles attached to ATMs.
  4. Setup a withdrawal limit on your ATM card.

Brian Krebs is the authority on personal computer security and skimmers.

Thumbnail credit: Morehead News