Clean Air Ain't Cheap

In this special episode, Steve steps out from behind the camera to chat with Neal about emissions regulations and the true cost of clean air.

Clean air is so important that it’s the entire point of Space Balls. Yep, your third favorite Mel Brooks movie is a scorching satire of a dystopian future where we’ve backed ourselves into a corner, ecologically.

Which brings me to my real point: why was it so hard for car manufacturers like VW and Fiat/Chrysler to comply with emissions regulations without cheating?

As an engineer with a little experience in this area - I worked on Caterpillar’s Tier 4 & 2007 On-highway Truck Emissions Control program - the answer is two fold:

  1. We had to invent, test, and build entirely new technology in very short time frames.
  2. We had to convince people to pay for new equipment they didn’t value in a margin sensitive business.

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Thumbnail credit: MGM